July 6-8 Practicing Abolition in the Classroom Series

July 6-8 Practicing Abolition in the Classroom Series

Abolition in the classroom means police-free schools. But sworn officers aren’t the only people upholding carceral systems in schools. Educators must get police-like thinking out of our own heads so we don’t replicate systems of harm.

Join DeMointé Wesley and other aspiring abolitionist educators so we can build a safe liberated future for all our children.

This workshop series consists of 3 live workshops plus asynchronous learning.

Tuesday, July 6: Abolitionist Teaching Techniques

Wednesday, July 7: Resisting Carceral Logic in the Classroom

Thursday, July 8: Building Collective Courage

Recordings and resources will be available for those who are unable to attend live.


We want to make this learning accessible to as many educators and youth workers as possible. Suggested donations are $175. Please give what you can according to your income level and privilege that comes with the intersections of your identity (wealth/income, race, education, etc.). A portion of the proceeds will go to Jailhouse Lawyers Speak*, a collective of imprisoned human rights advocates.

*If you have questions or need to invoice your organization please contact us at  

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