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July 19-22 Xicanx Identity in the Classroom Workshop Series

Join Xicana educator Felina Rodriguez as we share in the knowledge of Xicanx history that our settler colonial systems have tried to burn, and (even now) attempt to ban. This series will provide a space for all educators to engage in platica, critical reflection, and new instructional frameworks, ideas, and practices that reflect the identities and knowledge that students carry into our classroom. 

  • Monday, July 19: “Looking for Aztlan”: Decolonial Perspectives of Mesoamerica
  • Tuesday, July 20: “The Earth Did Not Swallow Us”: Manifest Destiny & the de-indigenization of Xicanx people
  • Wednesday, July 21: “Yo Soy Joaquin”: The 1960s Chicano Movement and its Legacy
  • Thursday, July 22: “La Frontera”: Immigration Before and After 2016
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